Hollywood Theaters Pavilion Stadium 14, located off of I-95 and Williamson Road at the new Pavilion at Port Orange shopping center, offers the latest in theater entertainment. This modern multiplex has stadium style seating and digital surround sound with digital Sony projection on wall to wall screens. Each of the 14 theaters features luxurious high-back rocking seats and easily accessible handicap aisles. Movie lovers can experience the 3rd dimension of cinema in Hollywood Theatersí RealD 3D auditoriums. Open caption is available for select movies. While waiting for their movie to begin, patrons can play games in the small arcade and buy their favorite snacks at the large concession stand.

This large cinema offers a wide selection of the latest movies and many special programs and promotional offers. During the summer Hollywood Theaters features free popular family movies at 10 am every Wednesday. Each showing is a first come first serve basis and tends to fill up rather quickly. Movie goers can purchase tickets in a variety of ways. This contemporary theater offers its patrons the convenience of printing tickets at home through the online ticket service or by using one of the kiosks located at the cinema. Another option is to enroll in Hollywood Theatersí SuperSaver program in which patrons buy tickets in bulk for a discounted price. SuperSavers allow Hollywood enthusiasts to buy 50 tickets at the price of $6.00 per ticket with a ten day restriction on movies, but without an expiration date. The Ultimate SuperSavers gives the option of buying 50 tickets for $7.00 per ticket for any movie, at any time and without an expiration date. For discounts and special promotions, customers can also sign up to be a Hollywood Insider. Itís free and offers free birthday popcorn, exclusive screenings, promotions and discounts via email.

Because Hollywood Theaters is located within a large open air retail complex, there is plenty of parking available as well as a large circular drop-off/pickup area. A wide variety of restaurants and small eateries line the pathways close to Hollywood Theaters. Some offer light, quick meals while others feature a sit down dinner in relaxing atmosphere. There is an ice cream and frozen yogurt shop near the theater and pretty walkways and benches to sit on by waterfront view.


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